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Student Insurance

Remember that having insurance does NOT mean that your health care is free. You must become familiar with your plan and use it wisely.

ALWAYS bring your insurance card(s) with you every time you seek medical care.

Please note that significant changes have occurred in your health insurance requirements effective fall semester 2013. Here’s a summary of the changes. Please review them carefully so you aren’t caught by surprise the next time you need medical care.

Domestic Students:

Accident Only Policy

  • During academic semesters in which you are enrolled for the required number of hours, the premium for an accident only policy will be included in your registration fees.

Sickness and Accident Policy

  •  You may be eligible for one of the following:
    • Medicaid - If you meet the eligibility requirements you may qualify for Louisiana Medicaid. To determine this, refer to the Louisiana Medicaid website.
    • Your employer/group insurance - If you are working and it is part of your employer's benefits package, a plan may be available for purchase through your employer.  Discuss your options with your employer.
    • Your parents' insurance - If you are less than 26 years old you may pay an additional premium to be added to your parents’ insurance plan.
    • For additional information about other insurance options which might be available to you, visit the Louisiana Health Insurance Marketplace at

International Students and Faculty:

International Insurance Policy

  • All F1 students and J1 faculty members are required by law to have insurance coverage.
    • UL Lafayette has contracted with Student Assurance Services Insurance Company to meet this requirement.
    • For F1 students, the premium for this plan is assessed at registration each semester.
    • J1 faculty members wishing to purchase the plan should complete and submit an enrollment form online and submit it to Wellfleet with the required payment.
    • Brochures are available on the Wellfleet website.
  • Dependent coverage:
    • Students or faculty wishing to enroll their dependents in the insurance plan must enroll them either at the time of their own first enrollment or at the very beginning of the Fall semester when the new policy year begins.
    • Please contact Wellfleet to enroll your dependents.  You must complete and submit their enrollment form. Enrollment forms are submitted online to Wellfleet.

Students taking online correspondence or television courses that do not reside in the state of Louisiana are not eligible to enroll in any of the student insurance plans.