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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I schedule an appointment to see a practitioner?

Yes.  We see our patients by scheduled appointments. 

  • What type of information do I need to bring with me for an appointment?

New patients: Bring a pictured ID (either your school ID or driver's license) and your private health insurance card, if applicable.
Established patients: Current pictured ID, and if your private insurance has changed, bring the new card or information. 

  • Are you going to tell my parents that I came to Student Health Services?

No. Anyone 18 and older is considered an adult by law. We are not allowed to release any information to anyone without a signed consent by the patient. Once a release is signed, we can only release the information to the person the patient specifies and can only tell them what the patient specifies.

Make sure if you're having your parent or a friend meet you at the clinic that you notify us. If you're not in the waiting room or they miss you for some reason, we won't be able to tell them that you are/were at Student Health Services at all.

If you want your parent to speak to a practitioner about your illness, make sure you sign the release of information consent allowing them to do so. Otherwise, we cannot discuss your case.

  • Do you prescribe birth control pills?

Our women's health program requires you to have a current well woman exam (within the last year). Once you've had your exam, the practitioner will discuss your contraceptive options. If you are a good candidate for oral contraceptives (birth control pills), she will prescribe them to you.

Prior to scheduling a well woman exam with us, we highly recommend you:

  1. Watch four 15 minute DVD's (prior to your first visit only). They take approximately 1 hr. to view. This will give you the opportunity to hear discussions on women's issues, and may provide questions that could be discussed with the clinician at the time of your visit.

After you complete your exam:

If this is your first time on oral contraceptives:

  1. You will be given a 3 month prescription.
  2. You must schedule a return visit while you are on your 3rd pack of pills for a blood pressure and weight evaluation. During that 3 month visit, you will be given a 10 month prescription from the practitioner to get filled at a pharmacy of your choice.

If this is a continuation of oral contraceptives, you will be given a 1 year prescription.

  • I think I broke my ankle, can I be seen there?

Absolutely. Our practitioner will evaluate your injury and possibly send you for an x-ray. If there is a fracture (a break), we can make a referral to an orthopedic specialist for you. 

  • Can I go to Student Health Services to have my blood drawn for routine tests that my regular doctor ordered?

Yes. If you bring an order from your doctor for lab work, we can draw blood at Student Health and fax your report to your regular doctor for you. The lab work order should include a diagnosis, name of lab test ordered and your doctor's fax number. 

  • Do you give out condoms?

We offer an assessment and counseling along with condom samples. Condoms alone are not enough. Unless you understand your risks, you may still be putting your health in danger.

  • Can I have a pregnancy test done there?

 Yes. Call us at (337) 482-1293 for current pricing. 

  • Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept credit and debit cards from these vendors: Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover. We also accept the Cajun Card.

  • Do you have a dentist?

No, but we will be happy to provide you with a referral.

  • Are general physicals done at SHS?

Yes, physicals for clinical requirements (nursing, health information management, daycare employment, medical & dental school, etc) and CDL physicals are done here. Please bring your form(s) with you to the clinic because physical requirements vary within each department. Exclusions include orthopedic physicals, athletic physicals & immigration physicals. 

  • Do you give the meningitis shot?

Unfortunately we don't give this vaccination at Student Health.  You may call your primary care doctor and inquire whether this vaccine is given at their office or check with any walk in clinic. 

  • Can I be seen at the clinic in the summer even if I am not in school?

Yes, if you were enrolled in the Spring semester and will be returning in the fall. Please call us at (337) 482-6826  to discuss summer membership and insurance eligibility. 

  • Do you offer mental health services?

Mental Health Services are offered free of charge to all UL students, faculty and staff through the Counseling & Testing Department. More information may be obtained on their website or by calling their department at (337) 482-6480.

  • Is there parking at Student Health?

Limited marked parking spots are available in front of Student Health. Please see our receptionist for a temporary parking tag. You may also pay to park in the Girard Park Circle Parking Tower.

  • What's your policy on giving doctor's excuses?

We will provide excuses only for students who have missed class while being seen in our clinic. Any extended excuse will be given at the practitioner's discretion. Excuses given for a prolonged period of time will automatically be reported to the Dean of Students.

  • My professor won't accept any doctor's excuses, even if I'm bedridden. What do I do?

Each instructor has their own absence policy which is given to students in their syllabus on the 1st day of class. If you have any difficulties and do have medical documentation, you can contact the Dean of Students' office at (337) 482-6276 and explain your situation. Should you need to go to their office, it is located in The Student Union room 169.

  • Will it cost anything to be seen at the clinic?

 There is a membership fee that entitles you to a medical evaluation with a clinician. This includes assessments for illnesses, minor injuries, and general physicals, but does not include lab work or procedures.

  • All students taking 6 or more hours in the Fall or Spring and 3 or more hours in the Summer have been assessed a student membership fee at registration and are members.
  • Any student not meeting these hourly requirements may purchase a membership for $25.00 per semester.
  • There are billable services which include all office procedures, lab work, pap smears, x-rays, referrals, IV therapy, prescriptions & injections and are at the expense of the student. If you would like information on current prices for these services, please call (337) 482-1293 or come by SHS.
  • I am a registered UL student. How do I know if I have a SHS membership?

Please refer to the previous question listed above for this information.

  • Can I get my medical records there?

Yes. You can obtain copies of your medical records here once we receive a written authorization from you.
Under Louisiana Law (LaRS40:1299.96), fees for medical record copies are:
  $1.00 per page for the first 25 pages
  $  .50 per page for pages 26-500
  $  .25 per page thereafter
We will be happy to fax your medical records to other health care professionals at no charge to you.

  • I was in a car accident and am having problems related to the accident. Can I be seen at SHS?

We do not assess or treat any injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents. We advise seeking assistance at a local emergency room or contacting your private MD.

  • I injured myself while working at my place of employment. Can I come to the clinic?

We do not treat or assess work related accidents. You should notify your supervisor of the injury and follow the guidelines put forth by your employer of where to seek treatment.

  • Can I get STD testing done at the clinic and is there a cost?

Screening is advised for all sexually active individuals. A consultation with one of our clinicians would give you the opportunity to discuss any specific concerns you may have. A fee is usually required for the following tests that are done through SHS. Please call the clinic at (337) 482-1293 for current pricing.

  1.  Chlamydia & Gonorrhea - Screening may be done by direct swab or urine collection.
  2.  AIDS - HIV screening via blood draw.
  3.  Syphilis - VDRL / RPR screening via blood draw.
  4.  Herpes - Culture of active lesion or Herpes I & II  Antibody (blood draw).
  5.  HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) - Pap Smear screening.

The following organizations offer free or low cost testing:
1. Acadiana Cares: (337) 233-2437
2. Lafayette Parish Health Unit: (337) 262-5616

  • To fulfill my registration requirements, where do I turn in my immunization records?

Undergraduate students may return their immunization records to Student Health Services either in person or via fax.

Graduate students may return their immunization records to the Graduate School Office (Martin Hall Room 332). Their phone number is (337) 482-6965.

  • Where do I go to get a copy of my immunization records I turned in during my admissions process?

Make a copy of your immunization records for yourself before turning them in. Never turn in your original records.  Requesting immunization records involves a very lengthy process due to records being housed off site prior to Fall 2017. Immunization forms received beginning Fall 2017 and after are housed electronically at Student Health Services.