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International Insurance

2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR

The vendor for the International Insurance policy is Wellfleet.

  • International students are enrolled automatically in this insurance plan and premiums are added to the student's tuition fees.
  • If you are covered under another health insurance, either an individual or family plan, you may waive this insurance coverage.
  • An online waiver form, which is located on the insurance vendor's website, must be completed each semester.
  • To complete the online waiver, an account must be created using your University email.

All J1 faculty members requesting coverage should complete the enrollment form online and submit it online to Wellfleet

For questions related to 2023-2024 insurance benefits and claims, contact Wellfleet's Customer Service Dept. at (413)733-4540.

Students can print or view a detailed brochure on the Wellfleet website.

Wellfleet also offers additional services such as travel assistance, a nurse line and online services which can all be accessed on their website.

Should you have further questions about premium fees or other issues, please contact:

If you do not plan to attend UL Lafayette in the summer and have attended the previous spring semester, you may go to the vendor's website and purchase the summer insurance in order to prevent a lapse in your coverage.