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Annual Women's Health Gynecological Exam

Annual women's health gynecological exams are offered here at Student Health Services and are referred to as a Well Woman Exam.

Before scheduling this exam, we highly recommend watching our four (4) informational 15 minute DVDs.  This is to provide education on women's health and to hopefully answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to discuss any additional questions and concerns with your practitioner during your appointment.

At this exam you will receive a head to toe evaluation, STD screening, and a pap smear if indicated. You may also be prescribed contraceptives if you desire and the practitioner feels it is safe for you. If oral contraceptives (birth control pills) are initiated:

  • You will be given a 3 month prescription.
  • You must schedule a return visit while you are on your 3rd pack of pills for a blood pressure and weight evaluation. At this 3 month visit, most women will be given a prescription for 11 months to last until the next annual exam.
  • Some women, because of health conditions or health history, are required to do additional testing, requiring them to return to the clinic prior to the next annual exam. The length of their prescription will be determined and discussed by their practitioner on an individual basis. Fees for additional testing will be discussed by the practitioner at the initial exam.

If a form of contraceptive other than oral (birth control pills) is prescribed to you, follow up evaluation will be discussed with you at the initial exam. Other forms of contraceptive include, but are not limited to injections like Depo-Provera, inserts like NuvaRing, or patches like Ortho Evra. We do not offer IUD or Contraceptive Implant insertion.

Masks Required on Campus