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All registered UL Lafayette students are eligible to be seen at UL Lafayette Student Health Services if they are members.

There is a once per semester membership fee that entitles you to as many office visits as you need in that semester at no additional charge. This includes assessments for illnesses, minor injuries and general physicals.  It does not include costs for lab work or procedures. (For this information, see the cost information page). All students taking six (6) or more hours in the Fall or Spring and three (3) or more hours in the Summer have been assessed the student membership fee at registration and are members. Any registered student not meeting these hourly requirements may purchase a membership for $25.00 per semester.

Fall registration eligibility extends to the 1st day of the spring semester.

Spring registration eligibility extends to the 1st day of the summer semester.

Summer eligibility extends to the 1st day of the Fall semester if you are:
   • Registered for summer classes, or
   • Registered for the previous spring and the upcoming fall semesters, or
   • A registered athlete who is required to be on campus before fall semester begins.

Eligibility ends with graduation except in the following circumstances, which are decided on an individual basis:
   • Continuation of an ongoing medical issue at the discretion of the provider
   • General exam for the graduate to fulfill requirements needed for employment or for continued education purposes

Students who are enrolled in South Louisiana Community College and participating in UL Lafayette's Bridge Program are eligible to be seen after paying the membership fee. 

Also, students who are enrolled in the Summer Upward Bound programs are eligible, including Non-Bridge and Math & Science students. These students, who are usually under the age of 18, must have a current medical consent and HIPAA acknowledgement form signed by a parent or guardian in order to be seen.