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Chronic Medical Conditions Policy

Your safety is our primary concern. 

Our facility operates only during the days and times when the university administrative offices and other support departments are open. This does not include weekends, state holidays, or any other observed university holidays. For this reason, If you have a chronic medical condition which could result in the need for urgent or emergency care at times when the university is closed, you should establish an ongoing relationship with a local medical provider able to provide on-call services in the event of an emergency. Student Health Services (SHS) will work in collaboration with your physician to assist with blood work, x-rays, blood pressure readings, allergy injection administration, nebulizer treatments, and/or any other related procedures while you are attending UL Lafayette as long as your condition remains stable. You can, of course, still be assessed and treated at SHS for any other unrelated illness or injury.

Chronic medical conditions which would more safely be treated by a physician who provides 24 hour call coverage may include but are not limited to:

  • Unstable Diabetes Mellitus
  • Unstable Asthma
  • Inadequately controlled psychiatric disorders
  • Unstable Hypertension
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Coronary Artery Disease or any unstable heart condition
  • Epilepsy
  • Any medical condition for which the sudden cessation of prescribed medication could prove dangerous
  • Any medical condition which is characterized by unpredictable and potentially dangerous episodes or “spells”
  • Any medical condition requiring treatment with high risk medications

If you suffer from a chronic medical condition that does not fall into these categories, you may receive care for your condition at SHS while you are enrolled at UL Lafayette at the discretion of our clinicians. We reserve the right to refer you to a health care provider who can provide after hours and holiday coverage if at any time we deem your condition too unstable to be safely managed at our facility.

You are responsible for becoming familiar with your own medical insurance requirements.  SHS is not responsible for any medical costs incurred when you seek medical care elsewhere, but our support staff is always ready and willing to assist any student who has questions about insurance coverage, whether the questions are about the student insurance policy offered through UL Lafayette or about private medical insurance.  We are here to help.