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Medical Excuse Policy

Any Student Health Services nurse or clinician can provide an excuse for the time you are here if you have missed class or work while being seen in our clinic. A more extended excuse may be given by the clinician at his or her discretion after an office visit to discuss the nature of the problem. Excuses given for a prolonged period of time (3 or more days) will automatically be reported to the Dean of Students.

Contacting your employer and/or professors regarding your absences is your responsibility. Communication is the key to staying on top of your assignments when you must be absent from class due to illness. Always notify your instructors and employers immediately when you are too ill to attend class or go to work. This will make it much easier to catch up later.

Reasons to miss class or work can vary, but in general if you have fever, vomiting or diarrhea, or you think you might have a contagious illness, you should not go to class or work. Staying home will hopefully prevent you from spreading the illness to others.

Seek medical care early. A health care provider may be able to offer treatment which will get you back to class or work faster than if you try to "tough it out." If you have any questions about missing classes or work, or you need some advice about when it is necessary to do so, feel free to call us at (337) 482-5464.