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We offer a combination of appointments and work-in services for your convenience. As a general rule, appointments take priority and work-ins must wait to be seen. Patients who walk in and are severely ill may be triaged by the nurse to be seen first, but all other work-ins are seen in order of their arrival. This means that if your symptoms are not severe (ie: you have no fever, vomiting, severe pain, shortness of breath or other more acute symptoms) your wait will probably be shorter if you make an appointment.  

Be assured that no matter how busy things get, if you present to Student Health Services during operating hours you will be assessed by a nurse. If appointments are booked and your problem is not urgent, you may be offered an appointment for another time or another day, especially if you walk in late in the day during nurse triage hours. So if you must walk in, doing so earlier in the day will increase your chances of being seen that day. 

Appointments are scheduled for all women's wellness services and minor procedures. Appointments are also preferable for follow-up visits, especially if you need  to see a specific provider.