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Fall 2013-2014 Newsletter

Student Health Services Health News - Fall 2013-2014

Make The Time For A Healthier You

Some days it seems like there’s no time to breathe, much less do everything that we’re expected to do in a day. On days like that most of us go into “survival mode”. We stop paying attention to things like exercise and healthy eating, grab the closest high fat meal, and then jump in the car to get to the next thing we wish we had more time to do. But when life gets crazy, we don’t have to let it make us sick. Here are some things you can do to keep yourself healthy in today’s hectic world:

Simplify, simplify, simplify. Sit down with your weekly schedule. Are there some things that just aren’t as important as that trip to the gym you’ve been meaning to make? Just say no when your schedule is full. Make your workout time a priority appointment.
Plan healthy meals in advance. You’re much less likely to grab fast food on the way home if you know that you’ve got a chicken breast marinating in the fridge, ready to slip on the grill as soon as you walk through the door. Pack a healthy lunch the night before and stick it in the fridge to grab on your way out so you can relax during your lunch hour instead of standing in line at the sandwich counter.
Get a hobby. All work and no play can cause physical and mental burnout. Find something you enjoy doing and set aside a couple of hours each week to do it. Stress relief strengthens your immune system. You’ll feel better, get sick less often, and have more energy to do what has to get done.

When you feel pulled in ten different directions and you just can’t take care of everything you’re expected to do today, just take a deep breath and remember to start by taking care of yourself.