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Fall 2002 Newsletter

Student Health Services Health News- Fall 2002

Freedom From Smoking

Do you have the desire to quit smoking but have repeatedly failed to quit on your own?  If so, Our Lady of Lourdes may have the program for you.  It is called Freedom From Smoking and involves eight group sessions led by an expert who understands how hard it is for smokers to quit. 

This program uses a positive behavior change approach that shows you how to become a nonsmoker for good.  The first few sessions include the creation of an individualized plan to stop stress involved in the quitting process.  The group will discuss dealing with symptoms of recovery, controlling weight, and resisting the urge to smoke when times are tough. 

The best part is that the fee for state employees is only ten dollars.  This fee includes a five-week membership to Lourdes Health Promotion Center, a Pulmonary Function Screening with a Respiratory Therapist, presentation from a Registered Dietitian, program  materials, and group support meetings.  The Freedom From Smoking program is sponsored by the American Lung Association.

Another option to help with the cessation of smoking is a program called Smoke Stoppers.  Smoke Stoppers was founded in 1977 by a team of former smokers and University of Michigan-trained psychologists.  Smoke Stoppers offers a support program for smokers who are ready to quit as well as for smokers who only want to cut back and get more control of their habit. 

Three options are available for Smoke Stoppers: option 1 is a telephone-based program ($79), option 2 is an internet-based program ($79), and option 3 is a one-on-one program ($130) which includes a 4-week membership of Lourdes Health Promotion Center, program materials, one-on-one meetings, conveniently scheduled at your availability, and group support meetings. 

Now is the perfect time to quit smoking.  For more information about any of these programs, please contact Our Lady of Lourdes Health Promotion Center at 289-2808.