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Immunization Exemptions

Although Louisiana has vaccination requirements for students enrolled in institutions of higher learning, these requirements can be waived.

Note that the Tuberculosis Risk Screening Questionnaire can NOT be waived.

Students can participate in schools of higher learning without the required immunizations if either of the following is presented:

  1. A written statement from a physician stating that the procedure is contraindicated for medical reasons
  2. Written dissent from student or student's parent/guardian.

You must also submit a Request for Exemption from Immunizations form.

The Louisiana Office of Public Health strongly encourages vaccinations. Immunizations reduce preventable death and disability, interrupt disease transmission in communities, and decrease the number of vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks in Louisiana.

Student Health Services highly recommends that students with immunization exemptions submit results of titers (blood tests to determine immunity) for measles, mumps, and rubella. Students who do not do so, or whose results do not show that they have immunity, may be temporarily excluded from classes, residence halls, and any sponsored activities on campus in the event of a vaccine-preventable disease outbreak or threatened outbreak, as recommended by the Office of Public Health.